Thursday, 4 February 2010

Haiti - another vassal for the Empire

Haiti, under the guise of humanitarian relief is to be given another lesson in Imperialist exploitation and Disaster Capitalism, by it's neighbour-from-hell, the United States of America.

Not for the first time, the US intends to burden this already impoverished country with "Free Trade Liberalisation" at the hands of the IMF and World Bank. These US controlled institutions, along with the World Trade Organisation, are responsible for some of the worst exploitation on the planet through imposed debt slavery. They are controlled by the world's most powerful Banking interests such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

The model works something like this:

The US installs a Dictatorship or corrupts the incumbent Monarch/President of a third world country, who in return signs "Free Trade Agreements" in return for "Loans" for "Development". Of course the "Free Trade Agreements" have been specifically designed to favour powerful multinational corporations - in the case of Haiti this meant subsidized US Rice being dumped on the Haiti market, thereby bankrupting the local farmers who couldn't compete with the price and were forced out of business and into the sweat-shop shanty towns, after which the price of the imported rice was heavily increased.

The "Loans" of course are essentially little more than subsidies for giant multinationals to build factories, the interest payment of which is enforced onto the impoverished populace. Some of the money ends up in the pockets of the Oligarchies the US is supporting and some usually goes to fund a Secret Police/Military infrastructure to oppress the populace, with the usual "El Salvador" Torture and Vaporizing methods added to the mix. The debts are invariably unrepayable and are designed that way. Sooner or later, the country will default on the "interest" payments of this giant loan sharking scheme and the cycle starts again. Each time, more draconian measures are imposed.

As a token, in order that the Clintons and Bush's of this world can claim to be interested in human rights, and democracy, some of the money from the loan or "aid" will probably find its way into education or health programs, or perhaps to "promote democracy". But not much. In the meantime, the country will find itself being looted for every natural resource available, with routine disregard for the environment and indigenous population.

Woe betide the leader of such a country (e.g. Aristide) if he has the temerity to attempt to give his people some relief from this systemised debt and corporate slavery. He will find himself being declared "Unreliable", "Controversial", "Anti-American", "A Threat to Regional Stability" or possibly "Part of an Axis of Evil". A coup d'etat and exile will soon follow, perhaps followed eventually by a "return to power" under "US Protection". Nelson Mandela was released from prison and allowed the presidency of SA under such draconian terms.

The West, led by the US has used this model in almost every third world and middle eastern country on the globe. Keep that in mind the next time the G8 countries pretend to "Cancel Third World Debt" as though they are being magnanimous and benevolent, when in reality, further IMF/WTO "Liberalisation" is enforced.

In addition to this, Haiti is the latest pawn in a US policy of "Roll-Back" in the region - a strategy of undermining the progress made by countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil to free themselves of the Imperial Yoke. Hugo Chavez, democratically elected President of Venezuela, has long been a thorn in the side of the rapacious gangster elites that control US foreign policy, having survived a coup attempt in 2002. Haiti, will among other things, provide an additional staging post from which to intimidate South and Central American countries, provide support to puppet governments such as Alvaro Uribe's Columbian Junta and control sea lanes and trade routes.

There's also the matter of Haiti's mineral wealth including Oil. America's recent "Lesson" to illegally ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya via a US backed coup, should serve as a warning for the region as a whole and what the US has in store for the regions "unruly" leaders. Given the speed that the domestic US economy is breaking down, the American Public could soon be learning this same "Lesson" too. The "Legalities" and resources to impose martial law are already in place.

Watch this space.

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